Quad Alpha (ATV)



The picture shows an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) christened “Quad Alpha” built by my friends and me as a graduation project work. Detailed explanations regarding the fabrication and development is not included in this page since we don’t guarantee the design to be safe. That is to say, our ATV has not been subjected to crash analysis and other various quality tests to meet established government safety standards. In addition to that, ATVs are not road legal in most of the countries!

However, all possible engineering parameters such as strength, safety, comfort, durability, cost, aesthetics and time are taken into consideration to the best of our knowledge in the design and fabrication of this vehicle. To this end, I would love to share my experience with you in the making of Quad Alpha through this video.

Making of Quad Alpha

The Presentation Day

After four months of hard work, our Quad Alpha got finally ready for D-day. We unveiled the Quad Alpha on 11th Novemeber, 2011 in our college premises for the viva-voce examination.



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